31 May - 01 June, 2017 | Bayview Eden, Melbourne, VIC

Pre-Conference Workshop Day - Tuesday, 30 May 2017

9:00 am - 11:30 am Successful Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement Strategies for Student Services Transformation Projects

Carolyn McInnis - Academic Registrar, Former Murdoch University
Different universities implement various models of student services, and with no one size fits all solution this workshop will build on case studies and past experience to provide an overview of transforming student services. The next step in the transformation process is extending beyond the traditional student services model to save cost further and enhance the overall student experience.

Another critical component of transforming a student services function is stakeholder engagement and communication and taking in to consideration the whole of student lifecycle.

In this workshop, our expert facilitator will focus on the underlying factors of successful change programs, leadership and high-performance and will lead you through case studies to demonstrate how you can undertake successful performance transformation in order to extend beyond a traditional shared services model. Carolyn McInnis has lead the student services transformation at Murdoch University and in this workshop will expand on the following key areas:

Key Learning Areas:
  • Understanding the need for extending the traditional student services model to setting up a new student services function
  • Obtaining internal and external stakeholder buy in for the transformation and having a communication effective communication plan
  • Lessons learned from moving siloed services to centralized services

Carolyn McInnis

Academic Registrar
Former Murdoch University

11:30 am - 2:00 pm Redesigning Administrative Functions to Meet Demands of Multicultural Student Cohorts

Rachel Honeycombe - Marketing & Student Services Manager, Auckland Institute of Studies
Administration functions within an institute play an integral role in the performance, capabilities and delivery of student support services. It is important that organizational transformation process which aims to improve efficiency and strengthen responsiveness in administrative functions.

Auckland Institute of Studies also adopts a unique student services model, which aims to accommodate a different mix of cultures while meeting demands and expectations. In this workshop Rachel will draw on case examples of Auckland Institute of Studies transformation journey to provide a comprehensive session.

In this interactive workshop session, the facilitator will discuss using practical examples of how to best redesign administrative functions in order to be able to deliver high quality professional services.

Key Learning Areas:
  • Analysing the existing operating model for improvements
  • Developing improved processes for delivering professional services
  • Developing a business case and plans to implement changes

Rachel Honeycombe

Marketing & Student Services Manager
Auckland Institute of Studies

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Effective Use of Technology and Data for Whole of Student Life Cycle Process Improvement

John West - Director of Student Services, The Ara Institute of Canterbury
Even though most institutes can give a long list of their student support services, it does not necessarily mean that all the services are actively functioning and benefiting the students effectively. Therefore some functions may well be incurring additional costs rather than providing a benefit. It is vital that the whole of student life cycle, including the end of leaner journey, be considered when transforming student services.

In this interactive workshop John will look at how to determine services, which are beneficial in the long run for both students and the university and best practice for utilizing existing data effectively.

  • Understanding the value of services pertinent to the academic, self-development, employability and emotional needs of students
  • Evaluating the need for certain services versus the cost of upholding those services
  • Championing the importance of services which enhance the overall student experience
  • Evaluating the potential of deploying transformation institute wide

John West

Director of Student Services
The Ara Institute of Canterbury